Queen Rania of Jordan defends ridiculously expensive wardrobe


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Queen Rania of Jordan is among one of the best-dressed royals in history, but it comes at a price.

With a fashion sense known to ooze class — and access to some of the world’s most coveted designers from Alexander McQueen to Valentino — the 48-year-old has accumulated one jaw-dropping wardrobe. And her five million Instagram fans can’t get enough.

While she may not be as daring as other royals around the globe, she isn’t afraid to stretch the boundaries, wearing bold colours or prints and even baring her shoulders on some occasions.

But the elegant Queen, who took the throne aged just 28, recently came under fire about her expensive taste in fashion, with a wardrobe reportedly worth more than any other royal female.

Queen Rania of Jordan’s office released a statement explaining most of her clothes were either loaned or presented as a gift.

Queen Rania of Jordan’s office released a statement explaining most of her clothes were either loaned or presented as a gift.Source:News Corp Australia

According to the blog Unidentified Fashion Objects “UFO No More”, the cost of Queen Rania’s clothes amounted to more than $481,000 in 2017, based on estimates of what she wore. She was ranked first among 11 female royals, ahead of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, Arab News reported.

Now that Meghan is in the picture following her May 2018 wedding to Britain’s Prince Harry, that ranking could be questionable with the former Suits star reportedly sporting more than $32,000 worth of clothes and accessories in three hours alone while on a royal tour with Prince Harry in Dublin in last year.

Yesterday, the office of Queen Rania of Jordan offered an explanation on her Facebook page about the clothing costs, hoping to set the record straight on a topic which they say keeps resurfacing.

In the post it stated that most of her clothes were either loaned or presented as a gift.

“The focus on clothing and spending wives of leaders in many countries and accusing them of wastefulness — whether right or wrong — is not new and has been exploited as a historical political tool,” the post read.

“Today, we see some in Jordan adopting this approach to portray Her Majesty the Queen as far from reality, far from the truth,” the statement continued. “So they may reject this clarification and question it in principle in an effort to build a false public opinion.

“We realise that this explanation may be out of the ordinary, but in the absence of facts, rumours and false information are spreading and the wrong impressions accumulate, so we put these details in your hands.”

It went on to say that the figure reported in the UFO blog was “far from the truth”, pointing out that these blogs rely solely on market value for clothing, creating a “false impression of reality”.

The blog appears to have taken the clarification into account as it did not publish her estimate in its just-released 2018 report.

The office went on to say: “Some may deplore the fact that a person of Her Majesty’s status accepts the principle of ‘borrowing’ but we do not advertise or promote fashion on any of Her Majesty’s pages on social networking platforms, unless the designs are Jordanian.”

Rania Al-Abdullah, 48, became Queen soon after she married the then-Prince Abdullah II bin al-Hussein in 1993.



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Born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents — her father a doctor — she received a thoroughly Western education, first at the New English School in Kuwait City and then at the American University in Cairo, where she graduated with a business degree.

She moved to Amman in 1991, two years before marrying the Prince, where she had a stint

with international company Citibank. She then took on a marketing position with Apple Computers.

It was at a chance outing with a new co-worker to a dinner party hosted by Prince Abdullah’s sister in January 1993, where her life changed forever.

Princess Rania with Prince Abdullah of Jordan in Amman on their wedding day on June 10, 1993.

Princess Rania with Prince Abdullah of Jordan in Amman on their wedding day on June 10, 1993.Source:News Limited

According to Hello magazine, the Queen has pushed for education reform, fighting for better school facilities and mandatory English language training.

Her husband is a big supporter of her the causes she advocates.

“The king chose as a bride someone he considers an equal,” said Prince Zeid bin Raad, a childhood friend of Abdullah’s, Hello reported. “He listens to her ideas. They feed each other’s intellectual curiosity. They’re a perfect match, two people very comfortable together, who think along the same wavelength.”

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