Rasmus Paludan’s money machine. He is making a fortune on his private company


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The criticism goes among other things. on the fact that a special scheme gives a closed circle of Copenhagen lawyers easy access to bankruptcy estates, which ensures them a million turnover. These are 24 lawyers including Mr Paludan who act as ‘permanent assistants’ at the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.
Since 2008, when the financial crisis hit Denmark, the number of bankruptcies has exploded. It has given bustle among the country’s curators, who are the biggest winners of the crisis.
BT told Tuesday that lawyer Ole Borch, who is a member of the narrow circle of lawyers who are permanent assistants, has been four years to scratch small DKK 65,000 into one, according to acquaintances, very simple bankruptcy estate. For that work, Ole Borch requires two million. DKK in fees and expenses.
In theory, this is not a golden business because the court alone has the right to pass bankruptcy estates where there are no assets. While in the large lucrative bankruptcy estates, where there are many assets, the creditors – ie those who have money for good in the estate – are reserved for the curator.

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